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A referendum on Kurdish independence is favored by Kurds and opposed by every major power in the The referendum's approval would start the process of turning the autonomous region into an.. We categorically reject the referendum on the independence of Iraqi Kurdistan and stand for the unity of Iraq, Muallem said, emphasizing that Syria is faced with a different situation with the Kurds on its..

Referendum result overwhelmingly endorses Kurdish independence from Baghdad as central government mounts pressure to 'cancel' vote and its outcome. Bethan McKernan Beirut @mck_beth Iraq's autonomous Kurdish region on Wednesday announced it would hold a referendum on independence, in a move the central government in Baghdad is likely to oppose strongly

For Iraq's Long-Suffering Kurds, Independence Beckon

ERBIL, Kurdistan Region - With the goal of holding a referendum on Kurdish independence this year, a joint committee from the Kurdish political parties is to be tasked with deciding on the timing.. Moreover, Kurdistan's fragmented political landscape—the opposition Movement for Change (Gorran) and Kurdistan Islamic Group (Komal) parties both declared that they would boycott the referendum.. Kurdish regional authorities have called for an independence referendum for Iraqi Kurdistan on Safin Hamed, AFP | Iraqi Kurdish boys play football near referendum campaign posters of Iraqi.. Iraqi Kurdistan's Independence Referendum. News, Analysis, Multimedia. On September 25, the residents of Iraqi Kurdistan went to the polls to vote at a referendum on the independence of the..

The Kurdish Independence referendum despite the pressure from Iraq and many other Middle The ballot contains a single question: Do you want the Kurdistan region and the Kurdistani areas outside.. The referendum on Kurdistan's independence, supposed to be organized on September 25, is a The Kurdish issue is not only an Iraqi one, it affects the integrity of Turkey, Iran and Syria where the.. Although the Kurdish parties in Iraqi Kurdistan all agree on the inevitability of securing an independent Kurdish state, they have have been arguing about which date to hold a public referendum on.. Two rival prominent Iraqi Kurdish parties, the Patriotic Union of Kurdistan and the Movement for Change, grumbled about the referendum but eventually got on board

Referendum results in overwhelming endorsement of split from Baghdad, after troops are sent into disputed areas Large numbers of people have taken part in a landmark vote on independence for Iraq's Kurdistan region, amid growing opposition both at home and abroad The referendum on whether to secede from Iraq will be held in the three governorates that make up the Kurdistan exports most of its oil via a pipeline leading to the Turkish port of Ceyhan, but also..

Iraqi Kurds vote in controversial independence referendum

The Kurdish Referendum vote in Iraq was a vote held by the those living in the Kurdish regional autonomous region of Iraq. The vote took place on September 25th, 2017, and was to see whether.. ERBIL, Kurdistan Region (Kurdistan24) - Islamic State (IS) presence in Mosul will not affect a referendum because Kurds are used to living in tough neighborhoods.. Iraqi Kurdistan is an oil-rich province that encompasses one-third of the country and has emerged The United States strongly opposes the Iraqi Kurdistan Regional Government's referendum on.. ..a referendum on independence in Iraq's Kurdish autonomous region that came despite warnings from A woman casts her vote at a polling station during the Kurdish independence referendum in.. Less than a month remains before the referendum in Iraqi Kurdistan, the pace of preparation being intensified at a literally accelerated pace as the fateful date for all Kurds approaches

Kurdistan referendum results: 93% of Iraqi Kurds The Independen

  1. Kurdistan, an autonomous region in northern Iraq, will hold a referendum on Monday, September 25, calling for full independence from Baghdad
  2. g referendum. Noreldin Waisy
  3. The referendum is rejected, whether today or in the future, in the Kurdistan region within the 2003 borders or in the disputed areas, he told journalists. The vote was announced by Iraqi Kurdish leader..
  4. People fly Kurdish flags in Erbil, the capital of Iraqi Kurdistan, ahead of a referendum on As international opposition to an independence referendum in Iraq's Kurdistan region mounted, Turkish..

Iraqi Kurds plan independence referendum on Sept


Find kurdistan referendum stock images in HD and millions of other royalty-free stock photos, illustrations and vectors in the Shutterstock collection Kurdistan referendum. 861 likes. ‎صفحة عامة تدعم عملية الاستفتاء الديمقراطية في أقليم Contact Kurdistan referendum on Messenger. Community. Page transparencySee More An independence referendum will be held in the Kurdish areas of Iraq on Monday amid concerns about instability and violence. In Iraqi Kurdistan, Voting on Independence and Bracing for Violence

After the Kurdish Independence Referendum Foreign Affair

  1. The referendum in Kurdistan is a legitimate one, Chomsky noted, adding the Kurdistan 24: What is your take on the Kurdish independence referendum? How do you see the referendum regarding..
  2. istry warned the Kurdish authorities not to attempt any action that would cause crude oil flow disruption from Kirkuk oilfield, a spokesman for North Oil Company said
  3. ate flights into Kurdistan, partially closed its border with Turkey..

'Kexit' woes: Why a Kurdish independence referendum has few

Salahadin, Kurdistan Region of Iraq, (Krp.org)- President Masoud Barzani held a meeting today with the representatives of the political parties across the Kurdistan Region The referendum is not simply about Kurdish independence; it is being used as camouflage for an attempted land-grab of minority regions that are not part of the Kurdistan Region

Iraqi Kurdistan's Independence Referendum - Sputnik Internationa

Similar to what's happening in Catalonia, the Kurds in Iraq have started a referendum vote towards an independent Kurdistan and Iraq, Iran and Turkey are Iraqi part and form the Kurdistan nation Le Parlement de la région autonome du Kurdistan irakien a confirmé, vendredi 15 septembre à Erbil, la tenue d'un référendum sur l'indépendance. Safin hamed / afp Listen to the best Kurdistan referendum shows

Iraq's Kurdistan Region Holds Independence Referendum (Overview

  1. referendum Kurdistan, referendum kurdistan. A Kirkuk i curdi lasciano la città per timore di violenze da parte delle milizie sciite. Hunar Ahmed, reporter di guerra della tv satellitare Rudaw, tenta di..
  2. ary results showing approximately 93.25 percent of votes cast in favour of independence
  3. With Erdogan's Turkey shutting off Kurdistan's only oil pipeline and threatening war, and Iran closing the border, and Iraq threatening war, and even the US I do recall a rally in support of the Iraqi referendum, but not any protests demanding one of their own
  4. Iraqi Kurdistan's Independence Referendum. Last posted Oct 16, 2017 at 04:11PM EDT. Today is the day of the referendum where Iraqi Kurdistan votes whether or not they want to stay with Iraq or if..
  5. Il Kurdistan ha dimostrato di aver sempre rispettato i diritti di tutte le comunità. Andate nelle regioni curde: hanno le loro scuole per i turkmeni, per i cristiani, per gli arabi, ha spiegato il governatore di..
  6. The United Nations Security Council today expressed concern over the potentially destabilizing impact of the Kurdistan Regional Government's plans to unilaterally hold a referendum next week
  7. Die Kurden im Nordirak wollen über ihre Unabhängigkeit abstimmen. Iraks Ministerpräsident fordert, das Referendum abzusagen und auch Erdogan droht mit Sanktionen

kurdistan referendum. 07:54. بررسی و معرفی قابلیت های اندروید 10 Android Q With the Kurdistan Regional Government's referendum on independence less than a week away neighbors are scrambling to prevent the vote even as others increase their economic ties to the Kurds The Kurdistan Regional Government, which administers a semi-autonomous region in northern Iraq, says the referendum will give it a mandate to achieve independence from Iraq After Netanyahu endorses Kurdish independence, Turkish pro-government outlets launch media blitz about 'secret' Israel-Kurdish deal to settle Kurdish Jews in new state

Kurdistan Referendum: Challenges and Consequences — Valdai Clu

We support the referendum, and we also have a plan for post-independence in Kurdistan, he told Bahro points out Christians in Iraqi Kurdistan are mostly respected by their Kurdish neighbors.. The president of Iraq's autonomous Kurdistan Region, Massoud Barzani, tells the BBC he intends to hold a referendum on independence within months. Iraq Kurdistan referendum planned If there is a referendum for Kurdistan, that should include Kirkuk as well, Kirkuk's governor Najmaldin Karim told Middle East Eye. We have a lot of grievances with Baghdad 25 referendum is vehemently opposed by Baghdad, with Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi describing Ankara holds close political and economic ties with the Kurdistan Regional Government and appears.. The president of the Kurdistan Regional Government, Masoud Barzani, has called for an immediate non-binding referendum in Iraqi Kurdistan over whether its people want to secede from Iraq and..

Video: Could Kurds hold independence referendum this year

Kurdish President Masound Barzani says he believes some of the international alarm surrounding the referendum will subside after the measure is passed, in Irbil, Iraqi Kurdistan, Sept ırak kürt bölgesel yönetimi'nin* planladığı bağımsızlık referandumu. http://www.rudaw.net/turkish/kurdistan/070620173 Kurdish referendum is 'a mistake', says Turkish FM. Kirkuk, which is home to Iraqi Arabs, Turkmens, Christians and Kurds, announced that the province will participate in Iraqi Kurdistan's..

Iraqi Kurds voted in their independence referendum

Le président de la région autonome du Kurdistan irakien n'a pas savouré longtemps le triomphe du oui, qui a recueilli 92,73 % des suffrages au référendum sur l'indépendance, avec une participation de 72.. The referendum is a unilateral decision of Erbil, condemned by the National Assembly, the Federal However, the finances of an independent Kurdistan will be difficult to guarantee given the military..

More than 92% of voters in Iraqi Kurdistan back independenc

  1. TEHRAN (Tasnim) - Voters are heading to the polls in the Iraqi Kurdistan region to vote in a referendum which have been called illegal by the Iraqi government and has been opposed by the..
  2. PKK fighters. File photo.. Erbil (BasNews) The aim behind the presence of the Kurdistan Workers' Party (PKK) forces in Sinjar is to constitute barriers to hold the referendum for Kurdistan Region..
  3. Iraqi Kurdish officials have decided to hold an independence referendum on September 25 of this year. The decision was widely anticipated, since Masoud Barzani..
  4. Iraqi Kurdish leader Massoud Barzani arrives to cast his vote in the Kurdish independence referendum at a polling station near Irbil on September 25, 2017. (AFP Photo/Ahmed Deeb)
  5. Kurdish Peshmerga troops patrol the Iraqi city of Sinjar after its recapture from ISIS in 2015. Last Monday, in a referendum the Iraqi Kurds clearly and unequivocally answered yes
  6. An Iranian Kurdish lawmaker has referred to the decision of Iraq's Kurdistan Regional Government to hold an independence referendum as a plot hatched by the Israeli regime
  7. A referendum to approve the constitution of Iraqi Kurdistan will take place on 1 August 2009. The referendum was originally planned to coincide with the election on 25 July of a new Kurdish National..

Kurdistan can withstand an economic blockade: officials. Kurdish officials have said that Abadi's tough response to the referendum vindicates Iraqi Kurdish leader Masoud Barzani's decision to hold.. The referendum was held in the three Iraqi provinces that make up the Kurdistan Region, as well as in adjoining disputed areas claimed by the Kurds and the Arab-led central government that are..

Chief of Staff of the Iranian Armed Forces Major General Mohammad Hossein Baqeri said that Iran and Turkey share common views on holding referendum for Iraqi Kurdistan independence referendum.. KURDISTAN TODAY | Новости Курдистана. Курдистан. Россия Video. Album. Arşîv. Ahmed Arif'i anıyoruz Ahmed Arif Par, yurtsever bir Kürd ve engin bir şairdi. O şiirleri ile Kürd yaşamının avazı, Kürd düşünce ve duygu dünyasının tercümanıydı. CEJNA WE PÎROZ..

DSG: Operasyonun ilk aşaması tamamlandı. Kurdistan. Kurdistan. Kürdistan Bölgesi'nde maske takma zorunluluğu Le ultime notizie su cronaca, politica, economia, giustizia, sport, tecnologia e tanto altro. Inchieste, opinioni, foto, video e discussioni della community

Referendum ümumxalq səsverməsi forması olub, xalqın öz hüquqları və mənafeləri ilə bağlı olan hər məsələnin bu yolla həll etmək imkanıdır. Referendum ilk dəfə 1439 ildə İsveçrədə keçirilmişdir Kurd Net - Kurdistan Daily Online Newspaper, News about Kurds. The High Referendum Council set on June 7 the referendum date of September 25. Council consists of representatives from the majority of the Kurdistan Region's political parties

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